One thought on “Deň starých matiek 2014

  1. GCurteishi there. Love your work. Used to use MIUI-AU on an HTC Desire, and recently got an (On-estbrapdud) HTC One X (last Friday). Unlocked and rooted it, and flashed this ROM onto it successfully, however I can’t seem to get themes to apply successfully, which I see you had some issues with in earlier releases.Also I noticed I can’t set a ringtone successfully. It’s listed, however it doesn’t ring. Strange huh.I’ll try flashing again from a full wipe (after nandroid backup) and see how I go.Thanks. Please keep up the good work.

  2. Your blog is something Abby and I look forward to every week! Loved the mini-video of the cross-walk and I studied the photo of the toilet very carefully…just in case I ever encounter this in my travels. No doubt the braille would be helpful in that situation.

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