Vera Gedroits’ 151st birthday
Vera Gedroits’ 151st Birthday
Vera Gedroits’ 151st birthday

Name of doodle: Vera Gedroits’ 151st Birthday
This doodle was shown: 19.04.2021
Countries, in which doodle was shown: Argentina, Chile, Greece, Iceland, India, Italy, Peru, Russia
Keyword for this doodle: Vera Gedroits, ভেরা গিড্রয়েটস, વેરા ગેડ્રોઇટ્સ, Vera Gedroits, ವೆರಾ ಗೆಡ್ರಾಯ್ಟ್ಸ್, വേര ഖെദ്‌രോയിത്സ്, विरा गिदरोइ, Vera Gedroits, ଭେରା ଗିଡ୍ରୋଇଟ୍ସ, ਵੈਰਾ ਗਿਡਰੋਇਟਸ, வேறா ஜெட்ராய்ட்ஸ், వెరా గెడ్రొయిట్స్
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